In the afternoon of today, in the Assembly Hall of the Social Center of the Sagrada Familia, the Theater Group of the Tanxedoira Association, was in charge of putting the finishing touch to the Theater Series of the Days of Theater, Music and Dance of the HOGUERAS-2019 , with the staging of “Recuerdos de Zarzuela”, a production of the Group, which recreates some of the most well-known pages of our lyrical genre, belonging to “La Gran Vía”, “La Tabernera del Puerto” and “La Dolorosa”.

 A moment of the interpretation of a passage of the Gran Vía A moment of the interpretation of a passage of the Gran Vía [/ caption]

Waffles, maids, soldiers, guards and a long etcetera of protagonists of our zarzuelas, paraded for each one of the paintings of the representation that was very applauded by the numerous public that It filled the Social Center of the Sagrada Familia.

The event was attended by Ainhoa ​​Souto Arístegui, XXXVI Meiga Mayor Infantil, who was in charge of delivering the souvenir to the group of Tanxedoir, for their participation in the Theater Cycle .

In relation to the Meiga Mayor Infantil, Ainhoa ​​Souto, a 10-year-old girl from Coruña, was approached by an individual who handed out pamphlets of the tide and questions of this, why She was dressed as a Regional Costume, the girl answered that she was the Children’s Meiga Mayor, to which the unpresentable individual in question replied “the Mayor does not like the postureo”, of course, Ainhoa ​​answered as she should, indicating that she did not care .

It seems a lie that a person made and right as this individual is addressed in such terms to a girl, that proves, once again, the moral character of these bad people.

By the way, nor to the Children’s Meiga Mayor, and much less to none of us we care or care the least what this bad Mayor may think, which we hope will remain just days to occupy the armchair that has never deserved.
(Photos: S. Arístegui)

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