These days, we are celebrating a historic date, the 431st anniversary of the city’s heroic defense against a British army that, at the command of Francis Drake, stood before the gates of our city, in the context of a military operation, carried out by the English, in response to the shipment, ordered by King D. Felipe II, a year earlier, of the Great Navy that left our port, returning to he some of the ships participating in that Conference.

As we all know, in this heroic defense with the English Contra Armada, whose performance turned out to be a real failure, intentionally silenced by British historiography, highlighted the heroine Mayor Fernández de the Chamber and Pita, María Pita, who together with soldiers, peasants and other women of unforgettable memory such as Inés De Ben, managed to expel the invaders from our lands, thus preventing La Coruña from becoming a Gibraltar in the Spanish northwest.

Traditionally, around this time -although before it was celebrated on the first Sunday of August-, the Municipal Corporation went to prostrate itself before the image of the Virgen del Rosario, Patron Saint of La Coruña, in order to renew the Vow, initiated precisely on that distant May of 1589.

This custom, which is an inseparable part of Coruña’s historical heritage, was suppressed by the tidal sectarians as soon as they arrived at the Town Hall, in a further gesture of the evil desire to end all our traditions, even, like this one, of the most inveterate.

We know that, given the situation in which we currently live, such an event cannot take place, however, we hope that next year, if God wants, the current municipal government that, as the mayor said in her day “governs for everyone”, recovers this custom whether or not those wicked of the tide want that the only thing they want, as has been seen, is to end La Coruña and , by the way, with Spain.

We remember women like María Pita or Inés De Ben, and men like Marqués de Cerralbo and Captanes Troncoso, Juan Varela and Montoto, who together with soldiers and men and Anonymous women from La Coruña, defended the city in that difficult situation, many of them giving their lives, putting themselves under the protection of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Don’t forget that this is also “historical memory”.

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