We have just received the sad news of the death of our good friend and magnificent collaborator, the General of the Army Division, Pedro Herguedas Carpio.

General Herguedas, was the Military Governor of La Coruña, in the early 2000s and during his time as head of the Coruñés Military Government, he was an active collaborator of the Promotion Commission of the Bonfires of San Juan, proclaiming some of our Meigas in those years and presiding over the solemn act of Homage to the Flag. in addition to forming the Honor Committee.

 General Herguedas at the Coven Festival 2006 General Herguedas at the Coven Festival 2006 [/ caption]

In the HOGUERAS-2006 , he was the crier of the XXXVI Poetic Coven Party, in which Genu Zapata Fernández from Coruña was proclaimed, as XXXVII Meiga Mayor. In his magnificent proclamation, read at the Opera Palace, General Herguedas, pointed out, among other things, the true backbone of the party with the magic of its flames and its sometimes uncontainable strength. In the Bonfires of San Juan and in the Fallas a vow of renewal is made inside and out, of the spiritual and the material, in order to start a new cycle where fire consumes the superfluous and the evil, at the same time that allows us to preserve the good that is locked in our hearts, such as tolerance, understanding and love. “

Due to its direct management, it is due, among other things, that in 2006, the famous conductor Enrique García Asensio, directed the Municipal Band of La Coruña, in one of the concerts of the Cycle “Music in the Street” of the Days of Theater, Music and Dance.

General Herguedas, was in possession of the Silver Thistle of the Bonfires of San Juan.

From here we convey our condolences and our affection to his wife Carmen and his family and we offer to God our Lord a prayer that, through the intercession of the Lord Saint John, grant her soul the eternal rest and that an eternal light shines for her.

Rest in peace, my General.

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