The Rosalía Castro Municipal Theater was the framework in which the 50th edition of the Feast of the Poetic Coven was celebrated , an act of exaltation of the Meiga Mayor, honor that this year corresponds to Emma Cabezas Álvarez . In the course of the meeting the San Juan 2019 Awards were presented. Also, José Eugenio Fernández Barallobre read this year’s proclamation of the Hogueras de San Juan , Festival of International Tourist Interest. The event also included the performances of the Music Unit of the General Headquarters of the Operational Logistics Force (FLO) and the Coral of Sporting Club Casino.

In this act, the Meiga Mayor, was accompanied by her Meigas de Honor: Eva González Fernández, Karla Morandeira Rodríguez, Ana Mañas Hernández, Mª Light Pose Reinoso, Mª Sol Pose Reinoso, Belén Pose Reinoso, Alba Rodríguez Santos and Alexandra Tomás Fernández.

 Aquelarre Poético Aquelarre Poético [/ caption]

José Eugenio Fernández Barallobre, one of the founders of the Promoting Committee of the Bonfires of San Juan, was in charge of reading the proclamation of the HOGUERAS-2019, the year of the 50 Meigas in history, during the course of the XLIX Feast of the Poetic Coven, act of exaltation of the 50 Meiga Mayor and his Megas de Honor.

The Music Unit of the General Headquarters of the Operational Logistics Force and of the Choir of the Sporting Club Casino of La Coruña were in charge of starting the gala. The performance of the Music Unit had the direction of the Captain Music Ivan Arman Rodriguez and offered a concert. Later the Choir of the Sporting Club Casino interpreted several pieces.

After the Meigas parade of honor, the Meiga Mayor, Emma Cabezas, was in charge of delivering the six “San Juan-2019” Awards. Every year the Association of Meigas de las Hogueras de San Juan distinguishes with these awards institutions, entities and individuals who have stood out for their work in benefit of La Coruña. This year Belén Ma Do Campo Piñeiro, was responsible for presiding over the Jury of the San Juan 2019 Awards, which after extensive deliberation ruled in favor of the following entities and individuals:

  • “King Alfonso IX” Award for institutional work to Francisco Gómez Cobas , Director of the Military Historical Museum of La Coruña.
  • “María Pita” Prize for citizen values ​​at the age of 40 for women in the Spanish Police.
  • “Lieutenant General Fernández Vallespín” Award for artistic culture and values ​​to Nonito Pereira Revuelta .
  • “Meiga Mayor” award for sport at Desirée Vila Bargiela .
  • Prize “Marineda” to Coruña, to the Tram Company of La Coruña .
  • “Inés De Ben” Award for entrepreneurial initiative and innovative effort to D.Manuel Santiago Arenas Roca .

    Immediately afterwards, different Associations and Associations from La Coruña, paid a tribute of affection to the figure of the Mayor Meiga that embodies the image of San Juan in our city and the values ​​and traditions that surround this millennial feast. The Lady of San Juan and the Meigas made the traditional floral tribute to the city of La Coruña and its coat of arms.

    Delivery of Thistles
    Likewise, the Organizing Committee of the HOGUERAS-2019, granted, in recognition of its work to safeguard the essences and traditions of the night of San Juan in our city, “Cardo de Plata” , in the same modality, the Colonel of the Marine Infantry, Juan Ruesta Botella, Commander of the Third North; Salvador Gascón Serra, director of the Coral Santo Ángel; Jesús García, director of the Theater Group of Tanxedoira and Abelardo López Ramos, President of the Tuna Veterans.

    With regard to the collective modality, “Cardo de Oro” to the Sporting Club Casino and the Social Center of the Sagrada Familia; “Silver Thistle” to the Coral House of the Sea and “Bronze Thistle” to the Culleredo Veteran Voices Coral.


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