We are still waiting for the Mayor to deign to communicate to the Asociación de Meigas, the decision she has made to suspend San Juan 20. But if she expects it, even if only out of respect for the work done, by a group of people from A Coruña, for fifty-one years, for carrying out San Juan A Coruña where he has arrived today, we most hope for it from his Party Councilor, Diana Sobral, who, by the way, was candidate for Meiga Mayor three times, in 1997, 1998 and 2002. who also did not have the delicacy to send us this decision.

The same Councilor, Diana Sobral, who, before being elected, swore and swore that everything would be the same as before the arrival of the sectarian and miserable tide at City Hall; however, he will soon change his mind. So sad!

Of course, the San Juan must be suspended, not change the date because outside of the night of San Juan, it does not make the slightest sense since it would only be a macro bottle with some bonfires and Some fireworks, when the San Juan is infinitely more than that, create what the Mayor and her Councilwoman create. And it must be removed, if only out of respect for the kilometers of dead, including those that hide us, which has been brought ahead of the cursed Chinese virus.

It only remains to note, Mayor, that long before you were born, when nobody remembered San Juan at all, we were already working on it and, thanks to that effort, We became a Festival of International Tourist Interest, although the best is what you think about the surgical beaches spontaneously.

This is our historical memory which, I suppose, will do some good.

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