Go from here our most sincere recognition to the Mayor of La Coruña, a gesture, however simple it may seem, sometimes says more than a thousand promises that are not fulfilled in the end. < / p>

Today, with great satisfaction, we have been able to verify that, finally, after many years of total abandonment due to laziness of some and apathy of others, the Angel Trumpeter of the Fountain of Saint Andrés, our source of Fame, one of the most outstanding monuments of our city (18th century), has been given its original image.

Over many years, after some barbarians, in a weekend bottle, ripped his trumpet from the Angel, it has been replaced and his hand restored, shining again in all its splendor.

It took many years for everything to return to normal, but, in the end, everything was once again in place. It may seem like a simple gesture, however, it shows that we are on the right track to recover what is ours that, due to the negligence and abandonment of a few, had been stolen from us.

On behalf of all the people of Coruña, thank you very much, Mayor.

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