Information days for the Meigas

The gradual and constant incorporation of the Meigas, both older and children, not only to a greater number of acts of the HOGUERAS program, but also to others of the social life of the city organized by both Institutions and Entities, recommended to schedule a conference in which the Meigas were communicated aspects of their interest that would result in improving the image that the Promoting Commission intended to give through them.

What a principle only obeyed the need to expose to the Meigas, in detail, the details regarding the schedule, location, label, etc., of the acts of the program to which they had to officially attend, soon became in a sharing of other aspects of relevant importance that would help them to better understand their role, contributing to an easier development in their representation function.

In recent years, these sharing, by way of presentations, were significantly increased by addressing a wide range of aspects that have served to improve their knowledge in the field of protocol, knowing how to be, personal image, etc.

At present, the Information Days are usually held over two or three weekends in the months of February / March, always before Holy Week for being on this date when the Meigas attend the first official events and in they participate both the older and children’s Meigas in separate sessions.

The conference program includes talks on protocol; art of knowing how to be; clothing and personal image: communication techniques; personality; the figure of San Juan; basic notions about the history of La Coruña; rites and traditions of the night of San Juan; experience as Meiga; etc., without forgetting the rules of participation in the official acts of the HOGUERAS program, all supported by audiovisual means and with the necessary documentation that is delivered at the beginning of the Conference to each of the participants.

As for the speakers, graduates in History; psychologists; graduates in Information Sciences; protocol graduates; etc.; inviting for this to Meigas Mayores and Honor of previous editions that are in possession of the reference qualifications, as well as to other people outside the hogueril movement.

The information offered in the different presentations is complemented by extensive documentation related to the history of the Promoting Commission; internal protocol and etiquette standards; script of the acts of the program to which they have to attend; notions about the Spanish Mantilla and the Regional Costume of Galicia; etc.

The Information Days conclude with a fellowship lunch attended by the elderly and children’s Meigas, the participating speakers and a representation of the Board of Directors.
Of course, the programs of the Conference are adapted to the age segments of the Meigas, not being the same as that offered to older Meigas than children.

The Promoting Commission always granted these Days a relevant importance since, on the one hand, they serve to inform the Meigas about some of them unknown aspects, and on the other, to encourage their interaction both with the rest of the group and with the Board of Directors .

As for the frameworks for the celebration of these Days, diverse and varied have been used, from the Commission’s offices, through the halls of the Sporting Club Casino, to the Multipurpose Room of the Military Historical Museum where they are currently held.

On the occasion of the cessation of activity of the Promoting Commission, the Association of Meigas assumed the continuity of the Conference who has been responsible for restructuring and updating them.

José Eugenio Fernández Barallobre.

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