Yesterday afternoon, the Meiga Mayor, Candela Mosquera, accompanied by the Meigas de Honor and the Board of Directors of the Meigas Association, visited the extraordinary Collection of vehicles owned by Angel Jove, in its Arteijo facilities.

Las Meigas, were received by Angel Jove who showed them, in great detail, the great collection he owns, one of the best in the world. It was a fun and different afternoon for our Meigas who enjoyed not only contemplating the jewels it owns, but even accessing the interior of some of the valuable vehicles that make up the collection of more than 300 specimens. A real wonder.

Coruñeses, sometimes too forgetful, should not forget that this invaluable collection was called to be exhibited in the Museum that was to be installed in the Bens area and that, when it entered The municipal government, the insidious tide, prohibited it for sectarian reasons, exclusively ideological, even knowing the irreparable damage that they were causing to the city, since the opening of a Museum of these characteristics was going to cause important tourist currents, coming from all parts of the world, with the usual enrichment for La Coruña. This and many more things are what we must “thank” to that evil leg of miserable sectarians.

(Photo: As. de Meigas)