In these bitter days in which a string of personajillos and personajetes treat of unconscious form and torticera of separating a part of Spain; Now that we attend the impudent manifestations of individuals who say they do not feel or consider themselves Spaniards, but to enjoy the privileges that Spain has in them, including the substantial subsidies to finance national ballets or cinemas, we publicly state that we feel, outside Of ideological, Spanish ascriptions to the marrow.

That is why our Little Gentleman and our Junior Gentleman, proudly wear in their Bands the colors of Spain; That is why our Meigas wear the traditional Spanish Mantilla or the Regional Costume of Galicia; That is why our main acts conclude with the interpretation of the National Anthem; So every time that the image of San Juan goes out to the streets of La Coruña does to the chords of the Hymn of Spain and therefore, each year, at the conclusion of the HOGUERAS, we pay a tribute of affection and respect to the Flag of Spain . That's why, because we are and we feel Spanish and proud to be, just for that.

We do not care what others may think, that they change, we will not do it.

Spanish always!

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