They should not have liked the Mayor much the comments appeared today in The Ideal Gallego that soon put on his twitter that "will continue working for the San Juan is everyone." I guess he thought we were going to let him pee over and say it's raining.

When was not everyone, when was excluded? It's just that they were not mentioned every night of San Juan, in the square of Portugal to see burn our Bonfire; Is that they are not all, forming whole families, those who come every June 23 to see how the Cavalcade runs with the Meigas or the Fire Combo of San Juan on the Paseo Marítimo or is that only all of his rope and Those who laugh the graces, few by the way.

Now he says that there will be an important item for the expenses generated by the feast of San Juan. That they agree because the other day the Councilor of Culture let the Meigas know that there will be no money and that the project to make La Coruna an international benchmark where to live the festival of the Hogueras has been left in nothing. Farewell to the concerts of the previous days; Farewell to the verbena of San Juan, farewell to everything; Even suppose that goodbye to the fires not to stress the birds of San Pedro and not bad that they did not carry forward that idea that they plotted to load the bonfires on the beaches, claiming that they damage the environment, because that would cost them a serious disgust.

For more than forty-five years we worked to promote San Juan in La Coruña without ever excluding anyone; Throughout these years, with the different municipal governments, there were never any problems. Sometimes they helped more and others less, although it was almost always less, but what has happened now with these revanchist sectarians in the Bolivarian style.

The party belongs to everyone, but they are all, not only those who share ideology with those of the tide or those who fall into grace. The party belongs to everyone and it is also the Meigas who have worked for her when these saved countries that occupy Maria Pita or cared because they never moved a finger for her.

The serious thing is not to be more or less in agreement with something; The serious thing is not to help or not to an initiative; Not even the serious thing is that something sympathetic or unfriendly can fall. The really serious thing that serves to put each one in its place and to know of which foot is limped is PROHIBIR, that is what serious.