01/28/16 If something strikes the sectarian politics and partisanship observed by the municipal government of La Marea towards the Association of Meigas, is to do so with an entity in which only women militate. These political groups that defend women's integration into government tasks, quotas of power, etc., seem to have a different bar to measure with one or the other. The Association of Meigas, formed as its own name indicates, only by women, is precisely what has been systematically none of the Mayor since his arrival in the armchair of María Pita in May last year. He refused in his day to receive the Meigas 2015, something that had never happened; He did not attend any of the acts to which he was invited, nor did he send any representation; Nor has he even responded to the communication in which, as is mandatory, the appointment of the Senior Gentleman was given. Systematically, in a boast of a very democratic culture, he did not look at them elsewhere. The same can not be said of other Entities, formed mainly by men, that if they were received and even used the Hall of Sessions for the celebration of their most relevant acts. For the Mayor and his government team, the Association of Meigas, despite representing the only international holiday that we have in our city, simply does not exist. Shameful. Will this attitude obey the fact that it is an association exclusively made up of women?

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