19/01/16 Inexplicably, although presumably, the municipal government of La Marea has forgotten that there is a festival of international tourism in this city: the HOGUERAS and an appointment of such importance will not be present this year in FITUR. It goes without saying that this is another measure of an exclusively partisan character that shows, once again, that those who govern us do so following ideological guidelines that matter very little to the city. The HOGUERAS, which, by their own merit, have managed to reach the same level as the most important festivals in Spain, do not exist for these gentlemen, engaged in other tasks with which they intend to indoctrinate the citizens. The first step was given last June when the Mayor refused, without explanation, to receive the Meigas, something that had never happened; Subsequently no one from the Municipal Government attended the different events organized by the Meigas Association to which they were invited; Later denied the use of Rosalía Castro for the celebration of two gratuitous acts, the Dance Contest of A Noite da Queima and the Feast of the Poetic Aquelarre, and finally nobody attended the presentation of the Meigas 2016, claiming that it was "very busy" And now neither the Bigger nor the HOGUERAS will be present in FITUR. The Mayor and his government team has not been for the Meigas Association for months, will it be only made up of women? Who knows. But he must know that his attitude not only to the Association of Meigas, but also to the Meigas, older and infantile; To their families; To the Corals; Musical groups; Bands; Orchestras; Theater Groups; Dance Schools; Lecturers; House Groups; Etc., which participate each year, in a disinterested way in the acts of the program of HOGUERAS and, incidentally, the thousands of Coruñeses who join each year to these acts, all of gratuitous nature. Now it is OK. Whoever wants to govern whatever it is must know that it must do it for all the citizens not only for those of its cord as it does this City council that has touched us to suffer. La Coruña does not deserve a City Hall like this.

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