Today is June 23, the eve of San Juan. A day that we have always marked in red on our particular calendar; a day that we looked forward to throughout the year; one day when we got up early after a night almost awake; the day we planted our Bonfire in honor of Mr. San Juan.

However, this June 23 will also be different, anomalous, different from the previous ones. The Meigas procession will not, at least, in all its splendor, go through the streets of the city; Nor will there be the bustle of other times, coming and going from here to there, attending the morning events. There will be no music bands, no parades. Nor will there be “Noite da Queima” with its bonfires. However, the Meigas will not miss their appointment with this special morning.

They will attend the convent of Santo Domingo, to thank the Virgen del Rosario, Patron Saint of La Coruña, to read her prayers and to place flowers at her feet. Later, in San Andrés, before the image of the Patron Saint, they will consecrate their Fire and, with this gesture, they will light the eternal Bonfire, the one that is born from the hearts, the one that will burn everything bad, including this cursed plague that comes from China and so on. The ancestral rite of San Juan fire will be consummated.

The good times will return and, once again, with the permission of Mr. San Juan, this day, like tomorrow, will recover the joy, the illusion and the Meigas will return to take to the streets as they have been doing since 1970, as much as some have insisted that this does not happen. We said it, they, each other, will leave and the Meigas will continue here, as always.

Let no one have the slightest doubt that if we really want to recover the feast of San Juan, the Meigas will have to be present again. The ruthless sectarianism of those who still, from the shadows, direct the designs of the city, has been the worst pandemic, the worst cancer that has led La Coruña to an atrocious darkness, turning it into a sad and mediocre city. If we want our city to be the same again, it is necessary to give it back the illusion and the next San Juan will be a good time to do it.

Our congratulations to the Association of Meigas, its President and all the women that make it up and, above all, our most endearing congratulations to the Meigas, authentic protagonists of San Juan Coruñés .

Today, despite everything, is June 23, the eve of San Juan.


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