With the election of a new Greater Meiga and the presentation of the Biggest Child Junior of the present exercise, we dismissed the Meigas Mayores of 2015, two magnificent Meigas.

Tania Pintor Garea, our Biggest Friend, and Carmela Arrechea Vázquez, the Biggest Child, have already written, in golden letters, a new page in the magical story of the HOGUERAS; With them we also bid farewell to their Meigas de Honor and Meigas de Honor Infantiles who have known with their good work to be, at all times, equal to the circumstances demanded by the sometimes complicated and arduous script of our festive plot.

During this year that now concludes, one and the other, they have had the opportunity to live unforgettable experiences that will undoubtedly keep as the best of all memories; Were moments full of magic and symbolism that have allowed them to see the other side of the most popular, multitudinous and endearing festival of how many are celebrated in our city.

However, above all, they will have the memory of being the Senior Meigas of the year in which the HOGUERAS were declared Fiesta of International Tourist Interest, a recognition longed for.

Until always Meigas!

(Photo: José Carlos Fernández – Ciudad de Cristal)