Festivals of the poetic Aquelarre

In the second half of May , the curtain of a new edition of HOGUERAS rises every year. The most singular event of this slow moving towards the shortest night of the year is undoubtedly the Feast of the Poetic Aquelarre, an official act of exaltation of the Meiga Mayor and his Meigas de Honor , born in 1971 , which, in one Of the theaters or landmarks of the city, the presence of hundreds of Coruñeses that crowded these enclosures to be witnesses of this endearing and laden act of evocations.

Surrounded by a Guard of Honor of square brackets, pages, heralds and soldiers dressed in the old style , the Meigas entourage, in solemn parade, goes to the stage of the theater; Are the young people who represent La Coruña in these celebrations that reach their fullness in the great night loaded with magic and mystery of the high June.

Poets from every corner of Spain sing not only the ancestral traditions of San Juan Night, but also, above all, the beauty of the Coruña woman represented by the Meiga Mayor and her Meigas de Honor who preside over the evening from their thrones of illusion and Magic. In the end, a personality of the political or cultural world is reading the proclamation of the Feast that is also of all the BIRTHDAYS that have just begun.

The finishing touch is the traditional and endearing tribute to La Coruña in which the Meigas deposit an offering of flowers at the foot of a Coat that represents the Weapons of the city.

That same week, in a Fiesta of similar cut, although more intimate, that receives the name of Party of the Poetic Solstice and whose origin is necessary to look for it in 1988 , is celebrated the ceremony of exaltation of the Meiga Major Infantil accompanied by his Meigas de Honor Infantiles , taking as a frame the incomparable Paraninfo of the "Eusebio da Guarda" Institute, emblematic building of the late nineteenth century, located in the heart of the first expansion of the city and that in the first years of the future of the Promoting Commission served to host the Feast of the Poetic Aquelarre.

Until 2010, these festivals were used to proclaim to Meigas greater and infantile; Nevertheless. From that date, this purpose was assumed by the Ceremony of Proclamation and imposition of Bands to the Meigas that is celebrated, with all solemnity, during the month of March, in the Hall of Sessions of the Municipal Palace under the presidency of the Mayor of the city.