A little history about the promotion commission of the San Juan Bonfires in La Coruña

The Commission Promoting the Bonfires of San Juan de La Coruña begins its journey and therefore its activities in June 1970 ; Is precisely the Night of San Juan of that beginning of a new decade in which, in the then wide street of Paseo de Ronda (today Avenue of Calvo Sotelo), celebrates the first public act with the burning of the bonfire and proclaims to the Which would be the first major Meiga, Star Brown Castiñeiras , surrounded by his four Meigas de Honor.

The last reason for the birth of this Commission, which has its embryo in a group of young people from the coruña streets of Fernando Macías, Avda. De Rubine, Plaza de Portugal and adjacent, is none other than the sad decline of the tradition of the Bonfires that Was observed throughout the city, motivated on the one hand by the constant municipal prohibitions and another by the current, fashionable in those years, of turning away from a series of customs and traditions that moved away from modern ramplón in vogue at the time.

In 1971, sensing that the idea of ​​rescuing the Night of San Juan as a structured party and with signs of identity was going to have an echo in the city, it was decided to move its central celebration, "A Noite da Queima", to the neighboring avenue Of Calvo Sotelo, next to the Place of Portugal where it is celebrated of uninterrupted way until June 23, 1992 in which the correct decision is made to transfer it to the arenal of Riazor where it takes place today.

With the passing of the years, the Promoting Commission was established as a serious alternative of the city when it came to discussing its most notable holidays, instituting new ways of understanding the party or recovering others that were about to fall into Forgetfulness; In this endeavor recuperador are framed the majority of the acts and cycles that still are celebrated today and that many of which have their origins in those years.

Today, the Bonfires of San Juan de La Coruña, capable of gathering more than 100,000 people each night in the Riazor and Orzán beaches, lasts for more than forty-five days of programming. Social, cultural, sports and popular events.

Of all of them, they emphasize in a special way the Festivals of the Aquelarre and of the Poetic Solstice ; Conference on Theater, Music and Dance ; The Tribute to the Coruña woman ; The Feast of the Dance of the Meigas ; The Homenaje a la Bandera and, of course, A Noite da Queima

But the HOGUERAS program is much more. During these days that happen in a vertiginous way, the Meigas visit to all the Authorities of the city, as well as the different Charitable Centers of welcome. In addition to these activities, the program hosts lectures, offerings and other series of popular events .

However, the rest of the year is also witness to the celebration of different events organized by the Promoter Commission. The selection and subsequent election of the Meiga Mayor takes place between the months of October and January; After her, with the central female character already chosen, the Ceremony of Proclamation and imposition of Bands to the Meigas is celebrated, prior to the participation of the Meigas the processional parades of the Holy Week of Corunna; Already in May takes place the traditional meeting of the Jury of the San Juan Prizes that distinguish Institutions, Entities and individuals that have stood out in defense of the interests of the city.

The publications section highlights the annual publication of the magazine "HOGUERAS" , compendium of articles on the feast of St. John and its traditions and which also sees the light of the program of events. Throughout these years have been many publications that have contributed to a better promotion of the Corunna Night of Hogueras; From TVE 1, through specialized magazines in tourist areas; Written and broadcast media; Informative leaflets or well documented essays have dedicated pages of loa to this party so dear and Corunna that in April of 2000 managed that the Council of the Xunta of Galicia declares it "Festival of Galicia of Tourist Interest" ; On June 30, 2003 , the General Secretariat of Tourism of the Ministry of Economy granted it the title of "Fiesta of National Tourist Interest" and finally, in May 2015, the Authority declared it "Fiesta of International Tourist Interest" .