Theater, music and dance

Of all the acts that are included annually in the HOGUERAS program, those that fall within the days of Theater, Music and Dance stand out, whose beginning usually coincides with the start of the second half of May.


Chamber music concerts; Theater displays; coral recitals; Band concerts; ballet; regional dance; Zarzuela festivals; concerts of Orchestras, etc., take place over more than forty-five, taking as a backdrop old churches in the old part, squares in the center of the city or any of the most traditional enclaves of La Coruña.

Dentro de las Jornadas se enmarcan los Ciclos de Teatro, Voces Meigas, Luminarias del Clasicismo, Música en la Calle y Noches de Danza.

Within the Days are framed the Cycles of Theater, Voices Meigas, Luminaries of the Classicism, Music in the Street and Nights of Dance.

Also, since 2017 and thanks to an agreement signed with the Higher Conservatory of Music of La Coruña, the "Notes and Bonfires" Cycle that allows you to enjoy the month, from October to April, with a monthly cadence, has been developed. monthly of a concert offered by students of the different musical specialties taught in the aforementioned teaching center.

The cultural offer is completed with the "A Noite da Queima Dance Competition" which is held annually at the end of April at the Rosalía Castro Theater, with the majority of the Ballets and Dance Schools of the city participating.

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