At noon yesterday, at the El Corte Inglés Restaurant, the farewell lunch of the General Division, Francisco Sánchez Fernández, and his wife Mª Sonsoles Carramolino Montero, organized, was held by the Association of Meigas of the Bonfires of San Juan, on the occasion of its passage to the reserve situation, for complying with the regulatory time at the head of the Operational Logistics Force based in our city.

 sdr María García Nieto, Meiga Mayor 2018, gives Sonso Carramolino the title of Honorary Major Meiga [/ caption]

Lunch, attended by a hundred guests, was attended, among others, by the General Director of Personnel of the Army; the Chief General of the General Staff of the F.L.O .; the Chief General of the Armed Protection Force; the Chief General of the XV Civil Guard Zone; the Delegate of Defense in Galicia; the last two Chief Police Officers of Galicia; the former Chief General of the Civil Guard Zone; Colonel Commander of the Northern Third of the Civil Guard; the Chief Colonel of the Civil Guard Commando, as well as other representations, friends and collaborators of the Association of Meigas, along with a representation of the founders of the San Juan Bonfires Promotion Commission.

The Association of Meigas, promoter of the tribute, was represented by its President and the full Board of Directors, as well as the Meiga Mayor 2014; the Meiga Mayor 2018; the 2016 Meiga Mayor Infantil and the Meiga Mayor Infantil 2019, as well as Honorary Senior Meigas and Honorary Meigas of Honor and several Gold and Silver Thistles from the Bonfires of San Juan.

To the desserts, the Meiga Mayor 2018, María García Nieto, offered Mª Sonsoles Carramolino, the title of Honorary Major Meiga, highlighting, among other things, that “you spend to be part of a select group of women from Coruña that we have been able, with our work, to take San Juan to the heights reached “and finished his speech by signaling to the honoree that” Meiga is once, but is forever “. For his part, Sonsoles Carramolino responded by thanking the title received and that wherever he is he will be the best ambassador of the Meigas Coruña.

Finally, the President of the Association of Meigas, Mª Concepción Astray, made the formal offer of the tribute, thanking General Sánchez and his wife for the friendship with which they had distinguished the Association since his arrival in La Coruña seven years ago, reminding him that they leave friends forever in La Coruña.

Before the intervention of General Sánchez, the President presented her with an image of San Juan, Patron of the Association.

General Francisco Sánchez, closed the event thanking the Association of Meigas for the tribute and wishing that the San Juan 2020 returns to recover the splendor of other years, ending giving alive to San Juan and La Coruña.

(Photos: S. Arístegui)

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