This morning, the Meiga Mayor and the Meiga Mayor Infantil, accompanied by the Meigas de Honor and the Meigas de Honor Infantil 2024, visited the National Police Museum at the Lonzas Police Center in La Coruña.

The Superior Chief of Police of Galicia during his speech

At the Museum they were received by the Superior Chief of Police of Galicia, Ramón Gómez Nieto, and by the Provincial Commissioner of La Coruña, Fernando Martínez Marti, who gave a souvenir to each of the Meigas.

The visit begins

The Superior Chief welcomed the Meigas of the HOGUERAS-24, his words being answered by the Meiga Mayor, Valentina Estévez Cuenca, who, among other things, pointed out “as Meiga Mayor, I represent the tradition, culture and spirit of our beautiful Galicia. But I also represent the respect and admiration we feel towards those who dedicate their lives to protecting and serving our community. That is why it is an honor to be here today, sharing this special moment with you and congratulating you on the bicentennial of the birth of the National Police, which was created in 1824, the date since which it has been present in our city. Two centuries of unwavering service deserve to be celebrated with great pride and recognition.”

Las Meigas at the Police Museum

After finishing their words, the Meiga Mayor and the Meiga Mayor Infantil delivered, to the Superior Chief and the Provincial Commissioner, two copies of the book “The dream of our night of San Juan. History of the Commission Promoting the Bonfires of San Juan de La Coruña “, edited by the Association of Meigas de las Hogueras de San Juan.

Family photo

Next, accompanied by Inspector (H) José Eugenio Fernández Barallobre, they took a guided tour of the Museum where they listened to explanations about the different rooms that comprise it and the pieces that are exhibited there.

La Meiga Mayor signing in the Museum’s Book of Honor

At the conclusion, after the family photo, the Senior Meiga, Valentina Estévez, and the Children’s Senior Meiga, Carmen Lorenzo, signed the Museum’s Book of Honor.

The Meiga Mayor Infantil signing in the Museum’s Book of Honor

Both the Meigas and the family and guests who accompanied them praised the facility and felt very honored to have visited it.

(Photos: B. Freijido)