At eight o’clock today, the traditional act of homage to the Flag, organized by the Association of Meigas de las Hogueras de San Juan, was celebrated with all solemnity and with the collaboration of the General Headquarters of the Operational Logistics Force.

At 7.30 in the afternoon, of the Cantón Grande, the Comit de las Meigas 2019 departed, with its headlines, 50 Meiga Mayor and XXXVI Meiga Mayor Infantil, a the head, accompanied by his Megales de Honor, Lady of San Juan, Guard of Honor, Brackets, Heralds and that opened the Band of Gaitas of the Colexiata do Sar of Santiago de Compostela.

Once in the Plaza de la Constitución, the act of homage was initiated, which was presided over by the Coronel Comandante Militar de La Coruña, who was accompanied by the Government Sub-Delegate and the President of the Association of Meigas.

After the interpretation of a muiñeira at the foot of the mast, the Children’s Honors and Megas de Honor, made a wreath at the foot of the neck to the chords of the pasodoble “Banderita” of the Corsairs, trained by the Corales Aires Novos de Pravio; A Lembranza de Sada; House of the Sea; Orfeon Alcoa-Inespal; Fonte do Souto; Oleiros Choir; Sporting Club Casino; Holy Angel of the Guard of the National Police and C.S. Holy Family, participants in the Tribute.

Next, the XXXVI Meiga Mayor Infantil in conjunction with the Children’s Honor Medals 2019, released a pigeon, synthesizing in this gesture the desire for peace and unity among the people and the peoples of Spain.

Subsequently, with the regulatory honors, the National Flag was lowered, with the 50 Meiga Mayor, Emma Cabezas, and the XXXVI Meiga Mayor Infantil, Ainhoa ​​Souto, collaborating in its folding.

Once the banner has been folded, the Colonel, Siaba Portela, Military Commander of La Coruña handed it to Mª de la Concepción Astray, President of the Meigas Association, for safekeeping .

Immediately afterwards, the event began in remembrance of all those killed by Spain for which, the President of the Meigas Association, 50 Meiga Mayor and Colonel Comandante Militar deposited a crown at the foot of the cruceiro, while the Meiga Mayor Infantil-2019 deposited a bouquet of flowers, followed by the regulatory touch of Prayer.

The act concluded with the parade of the participating force.

Already inside the Palace of the General Captaincy, the President of the Meigas Association gave the Military Commander of La Coruña a plaque in memory of the Tribute.

(Photo: Artabra)

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