It is already well of insults, of disrespecting, of offending, of aggravating, of lying. We know that all that was always the throwing weapon of the mediocre, something that is used to make good that phrase of "slander that something is."

Again yesterday they insisted on insulting the Meigas by calling them "women vases". But who do they think these are and who are they insulting? Look in the mirror to know who you are.

Leave aside as much false posture and work once and for all for the city, needs it and deserves it, so that it stops being the sad city, devoid of personality and abandoned in that they are becoming.

And what has been said more times. If they are not rulers of the whole city and they are only those of their rope, their friends and sympathizers, those who commune with their ideas, then stop perceiving the percentage of the salary that, religiously, we pay all who We have not voted or thought like you. That would be honest.