This afternoon, the Culture Room of the Sporting Club Casino hosted the Ceremony of Proclamation and imposition of Bands for the Meiga Mayor, Meiga Mayor Infantil and Meigas de Honor and Meigas de Honor Infantiles of the HOGUERAS-24.

The group “FUA” during their performance

Different authorities and representations of the city imposed their accreditation bands on the LIV Meiga Mayor, Valentina Estévez Cuenca; to the XL Meiga Mayor Infantil, Carmen Lorenzo García-Barros, as well as to the Meigas de Honor

The Band to the Meiga Mayor, Valentina Estévez, as well as to the Meiga Mayor Infantil, Carmen Lorenzo, was given by Carmen Pita Urgoiti, Promotion Director of the Galician Tourism Agency, represented by the President of the Xunta, accompanied by the Meiga Mayor and the Children’s Meiga Mayor of the HOGUERAS-23.

The Meiga Mayor, Valentina Estévez, and the Meiga Mayor Infantil, Carmen Lorenzo, after being proclaimed as Meigas Mayores 2024

Along with the Meiga Mayor and the Meiga Mayor Infantil 2024, the Meigas of Honor were proclaimed, the Ariadna Alvarez Ramírez from A Coruña; Ariadna González García; Manuela Braña Spores; Claudia Franco Cagide; Jeanette Lagares Baladrón; Iria Pardiñas Romero and Alma Mª Ponte Domínguez, and the Children’s Meigas de Honor, the girls Andrea Amsoar Estévez; Susana Isabela Besteiro Pestana; Martina Casado Arance; Catalina Guerra López; Rocío Victoria Izzi Azambuyá; Rocío López Castro; Marta Novas Ogén and Valeria del Río Pita, whose accreditation bands were imposed on them by different authorities and representations among which were Senator Rosa Gallego, the Superior Chief of Police of Galicia, the Defense Delegate in Galicia, the Provincial Chief Commissioner of the National Police, the popular Councilors Susana Catalán and Antonio Deus, the President of the Asturian Center, the President of the Northwest Military History and Culture Association, the Treasurer of the Sporting Club Casino, the Delegate of the Royal Assembly of Yacht Captains, among others. Along with them, Meigas Mayores from previous editions.

Las Meigas 2024 and the Lady of San Juan

In the turn of interventions, the Meiga Mayor Infantil, the Meiga Mayor and the President of the Association of Meigas spoke, closing the event with the Promotion Director of the Galician Tourism Agency, on behalf of the President of the Xunta from Galicia.

In the first part of the Ceremony, the string group “FUA” performed and offered a concert.

With this ceremony the curtain was raised on a new bonfire exercise that will take place between the months of May and June.