June, the month of San Juan, has just raised its curtain to lead us, in its upper part, to the celebration of the night of the great events. However, one more year, we will once again experience an anomalous June, different from the ones we were used to living.

Two years without us celebrating the night of San Juan, it is a long time if we stop to think about it.

Last year, when this damn nightmare started, caused by the Chinovirus, we could even understand it. However, now no longer, much less discovering what, every day, we are learning about this “plandemic” that is taking ahead in addition to many lives, the national economy and many of our long-standing traditions.

Everything resembles a dark globalist plan that aims to eliminate our national identity, our identity as a people, to become a formless mass, terrified, hidden behind sinister masks, that wanders , I walk from nowhere, along the paths of life.

This irrational terror that we have been deliberately and consciously inoculated is turning us into a sad society, not very communicative, more individualistic and, consequently, easily manageable.

Our future is woven into dark forums, posing chimerical agendas thanks to which, as they reiterate, ad nauseam, we are going to be much happier, yes, without having nothing.

The really serious thing is that this sinister operation has the acquiescence of many of our politicians, most of the media related to power and, of course, of those evil and alienating social networks, managed by dark threads, turned into the best means to feed the conscience of fools.

A year has passed and yet everything remains the same as last June and, again, we will not have San Juan, at least as we knew it.

The question is, until when? And, above all, will we celebrate San Juan again?

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