A magnificent talk was offered this afternoon in the Culture Room of the Sporting Club Casino, by the former Delegate of the Xunta in La Coruña, Gonzalo Trenor.

The speaker in his speech

At the event, organized within the winter program of the “Páginas Coruñesas” Cycle of the HOGUERAS-24, organized by the Meigas Association, the speaker highlighted the boost that the popular government of the Xunta has given, in recent years, to our city with works that have been undertaken alone, with practically no support from the municipal government – the intermodal, the ICT City, the expansion of the Hospital, etc. – and others that have been left in the air due to the negligence of the current national government – expansion of the Pasaje Bridge, expansion of Alfonso Molina, etc. – all of them budgeted and approved and, with the entry of the current national government, they were put on hold. A very enjoyable dissertation that served to learn about the popular project for his next four years in office.

La Meiga Mayor gives a souvenir to Gonzalo Trenor

The event was attended, in addition to the Meiga Mayor, by Samanta Cebral, and the Board of Directors of the Association of Meigas, the Director General of the Public Service, the President of the Port Authority and part of the popular municipal group.

The presentation of the speaker was given by the President of the Meigas Association, Mª Concepción Astray, and the Meiga Mayor, Samanta Cebral was in charge of giving a souvenir to Gonzalo Trenor at the end of her speech.