We reproduce the text of the Offering presented, this afternoon, by the President of the Association of Meigas, Mª Concepción Astray, before the image of San Juan.

Mr. San Juan, one more year we come to you in another different year. We still can’t show our joy and our smiles, but here we are. We do NOT lose heart.

We know that these are not good times, that it is not easy to be persistent and even less, to be able to go out on the streets and keep our traditions alive.

We are not in fashion, we are women, but we like to celebrate our Patron as we have been taught since we were children, we visit our Patron and we like to dress our acts and what we represent as they deserve . We want to be the best representation of the Coruña woman, proud, brave, brave, fighter, but that does not mean that we stop being elegance.

Dear Saint John, we ask you to give us enough strength to remain as we are, upright, without bowing to anything or anyone who wants to change us. It does not matter that they want to annul us, that they want to ignore us, we will draw the strength of your strength.

Dear Patron, this year we continue without joy, without music, without dances, without floats, but it does not matter, like the terrible year 20 we are here, among other things to give you Thank you for continuing here, surrounded by our family and friends (although many are already missing and surely they are already celebrating the bonfires in a quieter place, closer to you) of your friends than some, although in the distance, they continue to congratulate you, in short, of all of us who make up this Sanjuanera family.

We ask you so that this sleepy society wakes up and fights for the values ​​and freedoms that they want to take from us.

We ask you for Spain, a great nation that is being ripped apart and bled to death in a narcissistic and egotistical nonsense.

We need little by little common sense to return to this world that has completely lost the north, the benches have been raised to the tables, the minorities are the ones who mark the day to day and they are turning us into … what are they turning us into?

We must reflect since something is wrong, very wrong. There is no longer disinterested love, or the desire to work for a common goal. Parents (a plural word that brings together the two sexes) kill their children, children beat their parents, adolescents commit suicide. Stop, this doesn’t work …

Dear Santiño, help us to return to our values, to our roots. Let no one try to instill in us what is not ours, in what we do not believe. Take care of us and protect us from all this chaos.

In a year if God and you allow us to continue in this land, we hope to come celebrate your day in a big way, take you out on the streets of this city that already kicks you out. less. Relight the Bonfire, your bonfire, our bonfire, re-celebrate Universal San Juan, and finally our Bonfires.

Bless us patron saint and lead us on the right path that will lead us, through your holy intercession, before God our Lord.

So be it.

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