01/28/16 The popular will present a motion, in the next plenary session, to demand that they respond to their requests and to keep the acts that have been celebrated in the city for years. The mayor of the PP lamented that the mayor acts sectarian and does not support events consolidated in the city for personal and party issues. The councilor of the Municipal Group Lucía Canabal, held this morning a meeting with representatives of the Association of Meigas de San Juan in the face of uncertainty in which this entity is facing the celebration of San Juan 2016. In this regard, Canabal lamented That this mayor presumed to be a dialogue and yet turn his back on an association that is the main architect of the parties of San Juan have consolidated and have achieved the title of International Tourist Interest. The popular denounced that since his arrival in the Government, Xulio Ferreiro has refused to participate in events organized by this association to support this event, despite being one of the most important festivities for the Corunna. "Not only has not attended any event organized by this association but has refused to officially receive the meigas 2015, something that has not happened in the entire history of this city." The mayor of the PP regrets that the mayor systematically refuses to represent all the Coruñeses and criticizes that imposes their personal criteria instead of respecting the traditions of a city in which everyone should have room. "It is one thing to promise and another to comply and in this city Xulio Ferreiro promises a lot of participation but then is being the most sectarian mayor that has had this city," lamented the representative of the PP. Lucia Canabal stressed that since they arrived at the Government they were sent 8 invitations to events and nobody attended or did not delegate and in many cases they have not even apologized, which shows that not only do not listen but also do not even answer. In addition, he said they have refused to do things as simple as facilitating an institutional remembrance of the Meigas selected this year or giving up the Hall of the Plenaries, as has always been done, for the proclamation of the Meigas 2016, while other entities such as Knights of Mary Pita Or the Royal Green Jackets if they continue to organize their acts in the Hall of Sessions as every year. Therefore, from the Municipal Group of the PP announced the presentation of a motion, in the next plenary, in which we will request support for this entity and support for the celebration of the feasts of San Juan. Canabal stressed that the worst thing that can be done is to leave the associations in a situation of uncertainty and without information, and for that reason we will demand in the plenary that the members of the Corporation position themselves and that a little order be put. Concha Astray, president of the Association of Meigas de San Juan, expressed concern about "the lack of information and the lack of dialogue with a mayor who has decided to leave us without any reason, except that he does not share our philosophy." Astray lamented that we turn our backs on an entity that we have worked very hard to consolidate the Festivities of San Juan and without which today would not be what they are. However, he warned we will not throw in the towel and we will continue to work but for this we need at least to clarify the things that we are going to authorize and support and those that do not. "We are ready to continue working but it is urgent that we clarify if all the issues that we have presented will be able to perform or not like the Cavalcade of San Juan, whether there will be allegorical bonfire and fireworks, or if the music cycle In the street and many other unknowns that we have to clear and to advance. Therefore, "the only thing we ask is that they listen to us and respond to us," concluded the president. (Press release sent by the Municipal People's Group)

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